About the ABL2500

With enough torque to pull up to 2.5 ton, the patented technology uses a powerful hydraulic system to drive your boat quickly and safely on and off the trailer in a controlled manner.

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ABL2500 Technical Specifications


Max Boat Load
2,500kgs (5500lbs)
Max Ramp Gradient
9° slope (16% or 1:6.3)
Retrieval Time
25 to 45 seconds – (subject to boat weight, lenght and slope)
Boat Hull Materials
Aluminium (Alloy)  and Fibreglass (GRP)
Trailer Configuration
System Weight
Total System Installed  71kg / 157lb
ABL Drive Units (2)  19kg / 42lb
ABL Drive Mounts (2)  4kg / 9lb
Power Unit & Mount 19kg / 42lb
Battery Enclosure, Cable & Mount 7kg / 15lb
Hydraulic Hose Kit 3kg / 7lb
Battery (Size 24) – not included 19kg / 42lb

HYDRA4 Adaptive Drive System

Hydraulic Motors
M+S 160CC LSV High Torque Hydraulic Motors
Hydraulic Hoses
Eaton SAE 100 R7 1/4″ W.P. 200 Bar w/ stainless steel 316 fittings
Hull Conformance
4-Axis Directional Adaptive Technology
Traction Surface
Ultra-Grip Drive Belts High traction, 100mm Wide Compliant Track
Drive Carrier
Marine grade anodised aluminium & stainless steel

Power System

Hydraulic Power-pack
Bosch Rexroth 1600W 12V Power-pack
Remote Control
Worldwide RF Compliant Wireless RF Remote (CE Compliant)
Power Requirements
12V Dual-purpose Marine Battery (600 CCA & 80 AH min.)
Battery Charge Options
12V 8 Amp Input Plug (Vehicle, Charger, Solar, other)
12V Battery Charger (CTEK MXS 5.0 recommended)
12V Solar Charger (15W recommended)
Vehicle Power Kit (optional)

HYDRA4 Adaptive Drive

The HYDRA4 has four axes of movement designed to adapt to the hull of your boat. It operates on boat ramps up to 9º (1:6.3 gradient or 16% slope) and is powered by two High Torque Hydraulic Motors, with a marine grade two-part polyurethane enamel coating – certified to withstand 500 salt fog hours.


The ABL2500 can be fitted to your new or existing wobble-roller boat trailer. The Drive System fixes to the trailer frame – placement depending on the geometry of your hull. The Power Unit fixes to the winch end of your trailer in a protective enclosure.

HYDRA4 Power Unit

The HYDRA4 Power Unit includes the high-output 1600W Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Powerpack and wireless control interface. The durable, marine grade enclosure can be securely located in a range of positions on the trailer. The Unit is controlled by a worldwide RF compliant radio and remote.

Ultra Grip Belt

The non-marking Ultra Grip Belt delivers the traction that enables the HYDRA4 to drive your boat up safely without damaging your hull. The drive and belt system are designed to load both fibre glass (GRP) or aluminium hulls.