Key Considerations

Great decision on considering an ABL2500 for your boat & trailer – it will make your next boating experience so much easier!
But before you contact your dealer, there are a few key considerations you might need to think about:

Is my boat & trailer already accredited by Balex Marine?

Balex Marine is going through an accreditation process at the moment, to make sure you will have the best experience with your Balex Automatic Boat Loader. We make sure that we accredit the most common boat & trailer combinations first to give most of the people the opportunity to have an ABL Р see the list of accredited boat & trailer combinations here to check out if yours is one of those
Yes it is? Great! Contact your closest dealer to get your ABL fitted
No it isn’t? Well, then we might need your help a little bit…

Key Considerations 

  • Is your boat heavier than 2.5 tonnes (BOAT ONLY) and/or longer than 8m? – The ABL2500 is tested and validated for boats up to 2.5 tonnes. If your boat is heavier than that please read our “Know How – Loss of Traction”
  • Do you beach launch? – The ABL2500 is a perfect tool for beach launching, but we would like to make sure your pump- and battery unit are mounted high enough when you play with the waves. Please let us know if you are a beach-boatie or not
  • Does your boat have any water outlets, boat catches or other modifications on hull or trailer we need to be aware off? Please let us know.

If you are unsure about any of the above, please just give us a ring and we will help you to make sure we got all we need. Alternatively you can fill in the Expression of Interest. Please make sure you give us as many information as you can about your boat and trailer, so we can get your boat nice and easy through the accreditation program and set you up, so you can launch & retrieve handsfree…

If you like us to get in touch with you to discuss your case, please click on the button below to fill in your expression of interest:

Registration of Interest