Super Air Nautique G23 – with Balex ABL

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  • December 6, 2016

Sitting high and mighty on a custom Enduro trailer, the Super Air Nautique G23 exudes tow sport power, luxury and style, offering wake enthusiasts the latest in US wake-morphing technology.

This three-tonne lifestyle statement is the first Super Air Nautique G23 in New Zealand with a super-charged engine –  a grunty 6.3-litre V8 developing 550hp.

Presented on a locally-built, high-quality trailer, it represents a three-way collaboration between Nautique’s New Zealand importers, Enduro Trailers and Balex Marine, the company responsible for the Balex Automatic Boat Loading system. Balex is making waves here in New Zealand and overseas, with its innovative, remote-controlled trailer launch and retrieval system.

What sets the Enduro trailer apart from the American-built trailers Nautiques usually ride on is the fact it features rollers as well as bunks. To launch and retrieve a boat successfully, a bunk trailer needs to be completely submerged. Depending on the launching ramp, this can mean backing the tow vehicle a long way into the water, which is not great for either the trailer or the vehicle, especially in salt water.

Custom trailer

The classy, black-painted Enduro trailer has been customised to accommodate the Super Air Nautique’s shaft drive and tracking fins. The boat is carried high to clear the drive train, which is protected from contact with the ramp by a wheeled frame.

This trailer is unusual in a number of respects: it combines bunks and rollers, so the boat is much easier to launch and retrieve, and of course it is Balex-equipped, another first for a Nautique.

As part of its collaboration with Nautique NZ, Enduro Trailers produces custom trailers for other models in the range, including fully-galvanised trailers suitable for marine use. On our demo day, a second Nautique destined for an Auckland owner nestled on a fully-rollered, galvanised Enduro trailer.

It will be used in saltwater and is the first Nautique to sit rollers alone rather than bunks or a combination of both. Like the Super Air Nautique’s hybrid trailer design, this salt-ready rollered trailer allows easier launching and retrieving without having to dunk the tow vehicle in the tide, explained Andrew Fink, MD at Hamilton-based Enduro Trailers.



The combination of rollers and short bunk sections are designed specifically for this boat, which has very flat hull sections aft. Rollers at the rear of the trailer help locate the boat squarely on the trailer. The Balex Automatic Boat Loading system captures the hull, controlling it and pulling/walking it onto the trailer as it slides onto the bunks. Special keel rollers at the front of the trailer then take over, ensuring the boat comes on straight.

The Balex Automatic Boat Loader is a sophisticated system that takes the hard work out of launching and retrieving a trailer boat. Developed and manufactured in New Zealand, it’s proving extremely popular with mainstream trailer boat manufacturers, some of which – like Tristram Marine – are offering Balex as a factory option.

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