Balex Marine Announces Three New Dealers for the ABL

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Balex Marine: the maker and distributor of the innovative Automatic Boat Loader (ABL) is expanding its efforts this week having announced stockists in three new locations within New Zealand.

The newly added suppliers inclusive to an already established list of 35 marine dealers, span the country. The new locations are projected to generate traction of the kiwi invention that dotes safety, simplicity and a straightforward mechanism.

Dealers now include; Tasman Marine (New Plymouth), Boat City (Paraparaumu), and Bays Boating Ltd. (Motueka).

The new dealers all include, a POS unit in their stores where people can watch, touch and feel the unit which encourages safe, seamless and streamlined removal of boats in and out the water.

Balex marine spokesperson Isabell Zitzelsberger expressed “The Balex ABL presents easy installation… the dealers are loving it and will use the demo boat over summer to show their customers what the Balex can do”.



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Aussies fall in love with ‘wife-saving’ Kiwi Balex Auto Boat Loader

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Popular Kiwi invention the Balex Auto Boat Loader is now finding favour with Australian boat owners, too.

While wowing crowds at the Sydney International Boat Show in early August, the Balex automatic trailerboat launching and retrieval system was quickly being labelled the “wife saver” by appreciative Aussie boaties.

“They immediately saw how the Balex system would make their boating so much easier,” says Balex managing director, Daniel Given. “As well as dubbing it a ‘wife safer’ or ‘divorce preventer’ they were saying things like ‘That’s fantastic, I won’t get yelled at’ and ‘I love it, it means I can now go boating by myself’.”



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Balex’s new owners ensure strong future for revolutionary Kiwi innovation

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One of New Zealand’s most innovative and potentially lucrative inventions has had its future secured following its purchase by New Zealand businessmen Daniel Given and Reon Oak.

Given, the managing director of the Hong Kong-based specialist manufacturing and supply chain management company, Gait International, and Oak, Gait’s director of operations in China, have bought the company behind the innovative Kiwi-designed automatic trailer boat launch and retrieval system, Balex® Automatic Boat Loader (ABL), along with its intellectual property, stock and work in progress.

The pair, who bought the company after it was put into liquidation, will now concentrate on growing the business and realising its undoubted potential, both in New Zealand and overseas.

“We have enormous confidence in the Balex Automatic Boat Loader’s future,” says Given. “It is incredibly well engineered, utilizes the best in high precision components and has already gained remarkable traction in the market.”

“Reon and I only invest in companies that we really believe in and the Balex Automatic Boat Loader is simply far too good to be allowed to fail.”

The new owners were shareholders in Balex following the company’s earlier crowd-funding programme and Gait International had recently taken over the manufacturing and supply chain operations for the Automatic Boat Loader.

Although the pair now spend a lot of their time overseas, they are both passionate New Zealanders who grew up boating, fishing and diving on the North Island’s east coast; Given in Tauranga and the Coromandel and Oak in Hawkes Bay.


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Super Air Nautique G23 – with Balex ABL

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Sitting high and mighty on a custom Enduro trailer, the Super Air Nautique G23 exudes tow sport power, luxury and style, offering wake enthusiasts the latest in US wake-morphing technology.

This three-tonne lifestyle statement is the first Super Air Nautique G23 in New Zealand with a super-charged engine –  a grunty 6.3-litre V8 developing 550hp.

Presented on a locally-built, high-quality trailer, it represents a three-way collaboration between Nautique’s New Zealand importers, Enduro Trailers and Balex Marine, the company responsible for the Balex Automatic Boat Loading system. Balex is making waves here in New Zealand and overseas, with its innovative, remote-controlled trailer launch and retrieval system.

What sets the Enduro trailer apart from the American-built trailers Nautiques usually ride on is the fact it features rollers as well as bunks. To launch and retrieve a boat successfully, a bunk trailer needs to be completely submerged. Depending on the launching ramp, this can mean backing the tow vehicle a long way into the water, which is not great for either the trailer or the vehicle, especially in salt water.

Custom trailer

The classy, black-painted Enduro trailer has been customised to accommodate the Super Air Nautique’s shaft drive and tracking fins. The boat is carried high to clear the drive train, which is protected from contact with the ramp by a wheeled frame.

This trailer is unusual in a number of respects: it combines bunks and rollers, so the boat is much easier to launch and retrieve, and of course it is Balex-equipped, another first for a Nautique.

As part of its collaboration with Nautique NZ, Enduro Trailers produces custom trailers for other models in the range, including fully-galvanised trailers suitable for marine use. On our demo day, a second Nautique destined for an Auckland owner nestled on a fully-rollered, galvanised Enduro trailer.

It will be used in saltwater and is the first Nautique to sit rollers alone rather than bunks or a combination of both. Like the Super Air Nautique’s hybrid trailer design, this salt-ready rollered trailer allows easier launching and retrieving without having to dunk the tow vehicle in the tide, explained Andrew Fink, MD at Hamilton-based Enduro Trailers.



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Balex Marine makes the finals of major International DAME marine design awards

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Tauranga, 17 November 2016 – Balex Marine’s innovative Automatic Boat Loader (ABL) has received a Special Mention in the prestigious international DAME Design Awards at the METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) in Amsterdam. The Special Mention recognises runners up that highly merited a commendation, the judges said.

The Bay of Plenty-based company won its Special Mention in the Marina & Boatyard Equipment category of the awards, which were announced this week at METS – Europe’s biggest marine trade show.

“We were up against hot competition from the best products in the global marine industry,” said Balex Chief Executive Paul Symes. “We are delighted that the judges have recognised that the ABL makes boating safe, stress-free and fun. This will really power up our international market push into Europe and the US.”


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Tristram & Enduro Inundated with Balex Automatic Boat Loader Orders

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Being limited by tides, wind and currents is no longer an issue for a large number of Kiwis with brand new Tristram & Enduro Trailer packages on order. Since the Balex Automatic Boat Loader’s inception, Tristram buyers have been astounded with how easy a trailer boat’s launching and retrieving becomes with this remote controlled system. As a result, the vast majority of new trailer boat packages on order with Tristram Marine are being fitted with the Balex system.



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NZ Boat loader raises capital online

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Automatic boat loading technology gains crowdfunding support.

New Zealand company, Balex Marine, has raised more than NZ$330,000 through an online investment portal to fund the further development of its Automatic Boat Loader (ABL) technology.

The company used the New Zealand investment crowdfunding site, Snowball Effect, to launch its public offer for shares in the company. The shares were priced at NZ$1.25 with a minimum investment of NZ$2,000. When the offer closed last week, it had attracted a total of 80 investments valued at NZ$330,500.


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First Australian Reseller set up

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Balex proudly announces first Australian reseller

Balex Marine Ltd is happy to announce Watersports Marine in Sydney as their first reseller in Australia. The Surtees dealer is a huge supporter of the ABL2500 and started selling the units on their Dunbier Trailers in September 2016. They are all set up and prepared to receive orders for new boat sales as well as retro fits.

Contact Watersports for your ABL2500 in Sydney!


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Successful Sydney Boat Show

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Balex attended the Sydney Boat Show in July 2016

Balex Marine Ltd and Watersports Marine in Sydney started a partnership just in time to present the ABL2500 on the Sydney International Boat Show this year and give the Automatic Boat Loader a start into the Australian market. 5 days of lauching & retrieving with a Surtees 575 on a Dunbier trailer impressed a lot of people, who loved stopping at the booth as well watching all our videos about Balex and the unit and were definitely impressed and interested in the product.

The Sydney Boat Show was a great start for this relationship as well as a wonderful time with good people and introducing the ABL2500 finally into Australia!


Always a full stand at Watersports Marine – very interested people watching the ABL launching & retrieving hands free

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Auckland on Water Boat Show

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ABL shoots off at Auckland at Water Boat Show

The Balex Team joined the Auckland on Water Boat Show this year in conjunction with Enduro Trailers and Tristram Boats. The unit was displayed extremely well for people to see the POS unit (where they could touch and feel the rubber belts, experience the hydraulic lift system, as well as watching videos about the company and the unit), several display units  – static and dynamic as well as a perfect trailer set up for people to understand more about the installation and the position of the ABL2500.


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