Want to save hours on the boat ramp this summer?

The Smarter Way to Launch and Retrieve Your Boat

The Balex® Automatic Boat Loader (ABL) is a world first technology for the boating industry which automates the launch and retrieval of your trailer boat.

No Slipping, No Winching, No Stress

Say goodbye to clambering down a slippery boat ramp. Bid farewell to wet feet. The ABL is here to revolutionise boating. No more slow, unreliable winching, no more waiting for someone to help. The ABL is the fastest and most effective launch and retrieval system in the market.

Remote Controlled

The ABL’s wireless remote control initiates and controls the launch and retrieval at the touch of a button. Activate the ABL from either your boat or from on-shore on dry land. The ABL can pull up to 2.5 tonnes - all from the click of a button.