Tristram & Enduro Inundated with Balex Automatic Boat Loader Orders

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  • November 8, 2016

Being limited by tides, wind and currents is no longer an issue for a large number of Kiwis with brand new Tristram & Enduro Trailer packages on order. Since the Balex Automatic Boat Loader’s inception, Tristram buyers have been astounded with how easy a trailer boat’s launching and retrieving becomes with this remote controlled system. As a result, the vast majority of new trailer boat packages on order with Tristram Marine are being fitted with the Balex system.



The Balex Automatic Boat Loader’s patented hydraulic system enables the controlled launching and retrieving of a trailer boat. Rear-mounted Ultra-Grip drive belts assist in locating the bow of a
boat perfectly in the centre of the trailer, and proceeds to drive the boat onto the trailer between 25 and 45 seconds (subject to boat weight & length) without the need to clamber down slippery
boat ramps. mWith enough torque to launch and retrieve boats in the Tristram Range ranging from the smaller 581 Prima M2 to the mighty 881 Offshore, this popular trailer accessory has now become a standard option box on every Tristram Enduro Trailer.